It's summertime and if you're anything like us, summertime equals more reading time. We made a list of books that we're aching to get tore into in these sunny summer months.


Making Room: Forty Years of Room Magazine 

Curated from the archives of Room, this book is a collection of previously published poetry, fiction, and essays. A celebration of some of Room's best writing since the magazine was founded in '75, it features work from Carmen Aguirre, Ivan Coyote, Doretta Lau, Susan Musgrave, Eden Robinson and many, many other writers whose words provide honesty, truth, and hope. Like the magazine itself, this anthology provides space for diverse voices... space that isn't always available in CanLit or around the world. Buy the book here.



It's been described as an intimate memoir and Deep Salt Water, a story of the ocean and abortion, is intimate indeed. Two things that might not seem to go together do, thanks to the masterful craft of Marianne Apostolides' writing. She weaves together loss, time, and creation in a style that toes the thin line between creative nonfiction and poetry. Read this on a day where you have the time and space to reflect on the ideas, and the time and space to have a good cry over them, too. The prose is paired with collage art that completes the experience for the reader. You can see for yourself by purchasing it here.


Inside the Inferno by DAMIAN ASHER with OMAR MOUALLEM 

A joint writing effort from Fort McMurray firefighter Damian Asher and Edmonton writer Omar Mouallem, Inside the Inferno documents Asher's experience fighting the wildfire that ripped through the city of Fort Mac in May 2016. The writing is resilient as I can easily imagine Asher is, too. The prose evokes emotion and immerses the reader, detailing the events leading up to the horrible disaster. It's about so much more than a natural disaster, though. It's really about the human strength, courage, and resilience that fought tirelessly against it. You know you wanna read it, so buy it here



The newest from award-winning storyteller Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, The Accident of Being Lost is a collection of songs and stories. Simpson reconstructs reality with her words, blending lyricism with science fiction with Nishnaabeg storytelling with contemporary realism, challenging the reader's expectations. We've got an in-depth review of this title coming soon! Buy it here.


Twoism by ALI BLYTHE

Debut collection from Ali Blythe, Twoism is an exploration of duality. Every word is a building block, carefully constructing each poem to create a narrative that is complex and yet accessible. It's a book about transforming, or rather becoming. It's a commentary on the constrictions of gender binaries packaged in confessional poems. And yeah, you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this book is so beautiful that it'd be a shame not to mention it. See for yourself: buy it here.


What the Soul Doesn't Want by LORNA CROZIER

The newest collection from Lorna Crozier, What the Soul Doesn't Want explores themes of aging, grief, and the passage of time. Her focus on the micro to illustrate the macro is magnificent in all her poetry and there is much of that same attention to specific detail in these poems. We've got an in-depth review of this title coming soon! Buy it here


Confederation Drive by JANICE MACDONALD

A travel memoir from Edmonton mystery writer Janice MacDonald, this book not only carries the reader across Canada, but invites them on a trip through her past. She examines her relationship with her late mother as well as her relationship with herself by recreating the same cross-Canada trip her and her mother took in '67. So much more than just a detailed and entertaining journal of her experiences, Confederation Drive is an almost-epistolary style invitation to explore the connections between people and place. It's a guaranteed tear-jerker, but it'll also make you laugh, too. The perfect road trip companion! Buy it here. (PS. Purchase before July 1, 2017 to take advantage of a special price and free shipping!)


What's on your summer reading list?