What Sarah's Reading: HUNGER by Roxane Gay

I read most of this book the first day I cracked it open. I like to write in the books I read--make notes in the margin or mark passages that resonate with me with a thin line of graphite. I started doing that with Hunger but if I'd continued I would've underlined the whole damn book. Roxane Gay articulated things that I'd felt but never known how to put into words myself. She writes about her own trauma in a way that is raw and real and it made me feel like one day I could do that too. Her words gave me strength. They made me sad, they made me laugh, they made me question the way I am in the world... but above all else her words gave me permission to be. That's something I think women search their whole life for. I got to know Gay through this memoir. And I liked that a woman who I hold in such high esteem could relay her insecurities and fears and shame but still come out on the other side of it. Maybe not quite whole, but there, still. Hunger is about so much more than food and bodies and trauma. I think it's about more than just Roxane Gay. It's about wanting and needing and letting yourself know the difference between the two.

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