Next Year, For Sure (aka what Aleesha's reading)

I just (minutes ago) finished Zoey Leigh Peterson’s debut novel Next Year, For Sure. Holy moly. Read it. Do it. It’s been a while since I’ve read such a lively yet delicate novel-length piece of fiction. Does this mean I’ve been reading the wrong books? Maybe. Thankfully, this book dissolved some of my ennui. The novel follows Chris and Kathryn who drift into a status of polyamory after Kathryn encourages her long-time boyfriend Chris to pursue a crush. While this might not be your conservative parents’ idea of a love story, fuck it. There are moments of softness and longing that are true to the pain and beauty of relationships and what it is to love someone else. Peterson earned her place on the GIller Prize longlist by pulling off an entire novel in present tense, which is equal parts admirable and surprising. She creates a quick pace and dynamic read. For those of you in Victoria, you can pick up the book (perhaps a signed copy) at Munro’s. For the rest of you, I trust you’re resourceful to find it in your own city. (p.s. support a local bookstore if you can.)

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