(March 25th 2004 – New York)

Volunteers ricochet into the city with bright colours in their hands, writing names at every address for the young workers who have died.

East First, Second, Third, Fourth Fifth, Sixth, Eighth Street Ninth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth street.

Attorney, Broome, Bedford, Bleecker Street – the Bowery. Commerce, Chrystie, Clinton and Cherry Street.


Division, Essex, Henry, Houston, Ludlow, Madison Street

MacDougal, Monroe, Rivington, Stanton,

Thompson Street.

A temporary carve, ephemeral

etch, double erasure.

Remembrance clasped in fingers –

what a child would clutch. I trip

over the brightness of the names,

something incandescent about those souls.


Levi F. Binnema writes both fiction and poetry and has been published in the Glass Buffalo literary magazine. In 2012 he was longlisted for the CBC Short Story Prize. Originally from Edmonton Alberta, where he took a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Alberta, he is now pursuing an MFA in Writing at the University of Victoria. His poem "Chalk" is the second prize winner in the poetry category of our inaugural Short Forms Contest.

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