August 29, 2018

Fret not, we haven’t died or fell into a deep ocean trench. Let’s just call it what it was, a hibernation. If you’re still here and reading this, thank you. If you’re not, well then it doesn’t matter because you’re probably doing something else. We hope it’s eating a c...

April 19, 2018

I tend to get nervous when presented with long-form literary fiction. Is it going to be so complex and unconventional that I lose confidence in my ability as a reader? While The Shipping News was assigned as a reading for one of my classes, I found myself obsessing ove...

March 12, 2018

Mark Wagstaff’s Attack of the Lonely Hearts, published by Anvil Press and winner of the 39th Annual 3-Day Novel Writing Contest, is an ambitious piece of fiction that follows thirty-something Margaret Rudge as she attempts to re-start her life and form a relationship w...

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November 30, 2017

November 6, 2017

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