April 22, 2017

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here! It's time to announce the winners of our inaugural Short Forms Contest.

In the CNF category:

1st Place: "Others" by Jessica Johns

2nd Place: "Brothers" by Olivia Walton

3rd Place: "Screenshot" by Spencer Knight

In the...

April 22, 2017

Words strewn, trail across your bedroom.

You’re embarrassed

by your unmade bed—

used to tying perfect knots

for joints, satin sentences unfold

around your tongue.

I bet we could color code your whole bookshelf.

Spines hell-bent on answers to resolve my questions:

I. At what po...

April 22, 2017

you remember when you were young, when you were eight nine ten eleven, when your mother would take you to the salon, to the little room where they would lay you down and strip you bare spread wax on your body like it was honey.

they would cover your limbs, your armpits,...

April 22, 2017

(March 25th 2004 – New York)

Volunteers ricochet into the city with bright colours in their hands, writing names at every address for the young workers who have died.

East First, Second, Third, Fourth Fifth, Sixth, Eighth Street Ninth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth stree...

April 22, 2017

for my sister

Every day you said you were dying. You chronicled symptoms on crumpled bar napkins: achy spine and shoulders, hard to concentrate, everything is loud. You told the girls at work you had to leave because you were sweating into the pixels around you and they...

April 22, 2017

I listen to the brothers in the dining room where hotel guests gather and sip weak cocktails out of glasses that drip long fingers of condensation. They sit with their wives and tend to their father, who dines at the head of the table.

In the dining room, their language...

April 22, 2017

I’ve been sort of seeing this guy on and off for a few years now. My phone lights up — the little Snapchat ghost trapped in its yellow square.


I swipe it open and watch his square jaw crack out whispered words in a ten second spurt.


I balance life and death in my...

April 7, 2017

your shadow is skinnier than you  taller than you   her
heart has never been broken   she is not real   you are

smell old books   dress yourself in black   put lemon in
your water   & try not to choke
on things that are good...

April 7, 2017

and after he killed himself
you don’t shower for five days,
change your clothes, or brush your hair.
you want to sit shiva, but you’re not jewish,
don’t know what it means.
but for you, grief alone
doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse.

he mentions you in his note

April 7, 2017

(from “The Hymn of Joy” set to the final movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9)

God of glory, Lord of love;
        This is our favourite hymn.
        We learn it on the piano.
        Our fingers s...

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