Communities used to be built around salt. We decided to build ours around words. We’re an online magazine based out of Victoria, BC. We seek to publish the best in creative nonfiction, book reviews, and poetry.

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ALEESHA KOERSEN, managing editor

Aleesha is a writer from Taber, AB who lives in Victoria, BC. She is currently in the final throes (weeks) of her undergraduate degree. From UVic, she will receive a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publishing. She writes poems and occasionally reviews and news articles. In her poetry, she explores the ways in which she can continue to write about cows before someone shouts, “ENOUGH WITH THE COWS!” Thankfully, no one has shouted this yet. Pop culture pieces are some of her favourite things to read. She is rarely spotted before drinking at least three cups of coffee. (Also, she thinks writing in the third person is unnerving.) | Find her on Twitter @AleeshaKoersen

SARAH A. C. HAMILL, managing editor

Sarah is a writer from Edmonton, AB. There she received her Bachelors in Communication Studies from MacEwan University but decided to switch gears and pursue a degree in Creative Writing (which is how she ended up doing her MFA at the University of Victoria). She writes mostly memoir, mostly about her family, and they mostly don’t mind. She also likes writing feminist stuff and loves loves loves the flash form. Her favourite book is White Oleander and she reads it annually. She always has her hair in a bun and is almost unrecognizable without this signature coif. | Find her on Twitter @sarahachamill


Or, if snail-mail is more your style, you can send books and fan appreciation letters to:


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MEGAN BINGHAM, editorial intern

Megan Bingham, a writer from Vancouver, BC, arguably spends too much time staring at a keyboard and not enough time typing. She is nearing the end of her Creative Writing degree at the University of Victoria. Her focus is creative nonfiction, but she also dabbles in poetry and fiction. A topic she tends to explore is the complexity of relationships, interspersed with anecdotes regarding her many uncomfortable follies. Self-deprecating humour is her favourite kind. She believes that toques are the greatest invention known to humankind, and hopes more people will appreciate what fleece has to offer (besides its obvious couture aesthetic). | Find her on Twitter @meganbingham